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Implementation Manual for the
Policy and Procedure for
Affiliation Verification

Managing risk in this area all starts with a written Policy and Procedure on how to handle Verification Request Letters.  Without this document, your hospital is at risk for disclosing information inappropriately resulting in possible lawsuits like Kadlec.  In response to the Kadlec case as well as other cases, our PHDB Consulting Division has created an indispensable tool for hospitals’ medical staff office: A Policy and Procedure Implementation Manual for Response to Verification of Hospital Affiliation.
Our Policy & Procedure Manual Includes:
Thorough history and background of the affiliation letter.
Step-by-step instructions on how to protect your hospital while improving healthcare quality.
A comprehensive template of a Policy and Procedure Manual in Microsoft Word format to jump-start your own documentation.
Sample letters in Microsoft Word format for:
Practitioners in good standing
Practitioners on time-limited reappointment
Practitioners under review
Practitioners under special monitoring
Practitioners under suspension for delinquent medical records
Medical Staff New Policy Notification
Hundreds of hours of expert input from your peers and medical staff consultants.
Software technology to help you implement a consistent and cost effective response system.
Turn-key solution which you can implement immediately.

Unlike traditional consulting services costing thousands of dollars, our solution is very cost-effective because it is focused specifically on how to manage risk associated with affiliation letters. At $500, this manual will save you thousands of dollars in time saved, as well as protecting your hospital from potentially millions of dollars in litigation damages.

There is no greater application in the wise philosophy of  “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  This Manual is a small investment compared to the protection your hospital receives from potentially millions of dollars in damages such as the Kadlec case. Additionally, you will increase the quality of information exchange and improve the quality of healthcare while reducing FTE costs.

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